Quickie: Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (1957)

Ladies and gentlemen, The Criterion Channel has finally arrived. 👏👏👏

This is my first time experiencing an Ingmar Bergman film and I’m already wildly impressed. Bergman’s The Seventh Seal pledges a tantalizing challenge upon its viewers due to its intelligent dialogue that will conceivably reconstruct the audience’s beliefs, and it’s outspoken characters that are appetizingly rich in variety. Also, this is a smidge of a side-note but, the transitions whenever Death appears are slick as hell, like, hot damn. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!

Verdict: A

“The Seventh Seal” is now available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and The Criterion Channel.


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