Come and See (1985): One of the Greatest War Films of All-Time and Arguably the Most Psychologically Truthful of Them All

I’ve always considered Apocalypse Now to be one of, if not, the most psychologically telling film ever crafted. However, I have come to terms that it’s not necessarily a war movie that is completely reliable when it comes to realism and therefore, I mainly see it as an exposure of the disintegrating human mind rather than the epilepsy that is bitten down by men and women when war is at play—even though PTSD does sometimes play a big part in it.

Come and See though, I would say, takes the crown in these cases of “war” manifestation. This has got to be the most psychologically disturbing uncovering of the genuine constituents of war of all-time—within the medium of film, of course. There are numerous wounding images and scenes—which all seem too harrowing to be true despite the fact that they are devastatingly accurate to the real-life events—that are practically guaranteed to protrude in your self-conscious forever.

The film is primarily impenetrable though because it has one of the greatest child performances ever put to film by actor Aleksey Kravchenko, who epitomizes the reaction of death better than anyone in cinematic existence, and an imposing supporting performance by actress Olga Mironova, who may I add, has only been in one film—being this film—ever. Acting is central in this marvelous feat and it’s all conducted flawlessly.

If you are looking to be unavoidably tormented by the hideous idea of war for all of eternity, then come and see Come and See. I did warn you, did I not?

Verdict: A+

“Come and See” is now available to rent and buy on Vudu and The Criterion Channel.

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