A Short List of Reasons Why Apocalpyse Now (1979) is the Best War Movie Ever Fabricated


First off, I’d like to quickly share with y’all my dandy checklist for what makes Apocalypse Now is one of my favorite films:

• Does it have Marlon Brando? ☑️

• Does it have the greatest third act in the HISTORY OF CINEMA? ☑️

• Does it have the greatest death scene in the HISTORY OF CINEMA? ☑️

• Does it have the greatest shot in the HISTORY OF CINEMA? ☑️

• Does it have intoxicating narration by Martin Sheen? ☑️

• Is it the most frightening film I’ve ever laid my eyes upon? ☑️

• Does it play the legendary song The End by The Doors, twice? ☑️

Now, if that checklist didn’t convince you enough already, here’s my actual, more processed paraphrasing of why Apocalypse Now is solely a masterpiece of cinema:

In Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, you have an unorthodox character who is basically this psychopath that becomes addicted to the Vietnam war, cinematography and set pieces that gashes the viewers with mania galore, and a climax involving a poisonous task of infinite violence fostered from an unstable, animal mindset. This isn’t your average war movie. No, no, no. This is cinematic victimization that becomes much more than just a look into PTSD and rather, something broader, something fastened to the human psyche, the human madness, and the human end. Screw the coined title “Apocalypse Now is of the best war movies ever.” Apocalypse Now is the best war movie ever.

Verdict: A+ 

As for my thoughts on the Redux version, it all-inclusively doesn’t faithfully add anything pivotally significant to the story nor does it seem more welcoming than it is gratuitous. I’d recommend sticking with the original 1979 theatrical cut unless you’re just dying to see naked Playboy models attempt to express their feelings to a bunch of ignorant men and see random French people complain about their first world problems.

This Movie Has Moved From #3 to #8 on My List: My Top 44 Favorite Movies of All-Time

“Apocalypse Now” is now available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Netflix.

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