Quick-Thoughts: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Anima

One of my favorite musicians of all-time Thom Yorke, and one of my favorite directors of all-time Paul Thomas Anderson, have joined forces once more to make a trailblazing, short-termed piece that happens to be synchronized with Yorke’s brand-new album Anima—which is of the same name as this here short film. After this, it can assuredly be established that these two are the most serrated and notorious duo to appear in our history’s grand timeline since the dynamic pair of lovestruck killers Bonnie and Clyde, ever came reining into our existence.

The choreography and seamlessness of Anima’s spellbinding shots and cuts are exceedingly off the charts. Anima is furthermore, Anderson’s most spirited-looking project since his tour de force The Master, was released, aging back nearly seven years prior to this. This dazzling collaboration project is easily one of the best “music videos” I’ve ever viewed. Check this 15-minute miracle on Netflix now and undergo artistic ambition at its finest.

Verdict: 4/5

“Anima” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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