Quickie: Wait Until Dark (1967)

In Warner Bros.’ Wait Until Dark, a trio of thugs attempt to locate a missing stuffed animal from a blind woman’s household by tricking her away from the genuine situation of their intentions by generating a series of fictionalized events. The concept is just so evil, hinging on a playful perspective that gifts us viewers with the out-and-out details but our characters with a hazy storm of uncertainty that only makes us fear for them even more, and it’s all executed to near sublimity. It’s nothing less than what I would expect from infamous Bond director Terence Young.

The characters, namely Audrey Hepburn who plays the AWESOME female persona Susy Hendrix who suffers from blindness yet occupies the intellect and wit of a mastermind, are divergently exuberant. Wait Until Dark is brutally tense and almost borderline at the quality of a Hitchcock tour de force. And that main theme; UGHHHHH, it’s so faultless! 

Verdict: A-

I want to see a spin-off where Susy and the old, blind man from Don’t Breathe face-off. Make it happen Hollywood. 

“Wait Until Dark” is now available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

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