Quickie: Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994)

4th Viewing

Tarantino Marathon Part II of IX

Okay, I have been in deep (x1,000,000) love with this movie for years, and thank golly I still am, but it’s been in my top 3 for the longest time now, and after this revisit, I can’t say that it’s as unfeigned or as provoking as many of my other top favorites.

However, I guess that’s sort of the point and why I still find Pulp Fiction to be so demonically and stylishly delicious. Not everything has to be a gut-puncher, ya know? Sometimes you just need a good old blood-splatter of rhetorical scenarios to get your cinematic cerebrals rolling.

The dialogue; yeah, it’s perfect. The acting; yeah, it’s perfect. The music; yeah, it’s perfect. The intertwined, non-linear story; yeah, it’s perfect. The dark comedy; yeah, it’s perfect. The characters; yeah, they’re perfect. What more is there to say about Pulp Fiction that hasn’t already been said? This review is essentially pointless

Verdict: A+

This Movie Has Moved From #3 to #12 on My List: My Top 44 Favorite Movies of All-Time

This Movie is a Part of My List: Ranking Quentin Tarantino’s Films From Best to Worst

“Pulp Fiction” is now available to rent and buy on Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

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