Quickie: RalphtheMovieMaker’s King Candy (2015)

The biggest thing I got out of this is that Ralph Sepe Jr. clearly has the capability to produce Oscar-worthy features in the near future. He has the writing abilities of a youthful Aaron Sorkin, the editing knacks of Hank Corwin, and can design persistently intriguing plots like the screenwriters who work for Mr. Scorsese himself—but with a cherry-on-the-top “twist” expertise that I won’t spoil! The film does have technical abominations—like learn about aperture, Ralph!—sure, but it doesn’t belittle too much from the mini-movie’s objective.

King Candy was made on a $500 budget. Now, that’s hard evidence that it doesn’t take money to make an entertaining movie. Watch it on YouTube now! Not only is Ralph one of the finest movie critics out there, but he’s also—here’s my $100 bet fellas—a rising superstar who’s going to accomplish gargantuan things in the future.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Click Here to Watch King Candy on YouTube

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