Quickie: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Screened at Fathom Events, TCM and Columbia Picture’s Turner Classic Movies Event

Well, that was a big movie.

Any ordinary soul could pick apart Lawrence of Arabia’s technicalities and praise it primarily on the unorthodox scale it manages to seize so affectionately. But, for those who I’m sure strum heart strings with the movie the most, it’s almost a guarantee that they’d say the character of Lawrence himself is what makes David Lean’s masterpiece so timeless.

T.E. Lawrence, a clumsy yet lionhearted officer during World War I with a ridiculed reputation, is directed on a quest to aid the Arab’s during their battle against the Turks. This task while executed in a grand, charming manner through the film’s foremost tone, also encounters some of cinema’s most psychologically excruciating moments. 

The evolution and reconstruction of a man known for his hospitality, twisted into someone terror-stricken by the possibly of having a side of sin as he paradoxically climbs a ladder of “supposed” heroism according to his varying peers, is what, to me, makes Lawrence of Arabia a prime conquest in filmmaking, but most importantly, storytelling. 

Verdict: A+

“Lawrence of Arabia” is now available to rent and buy on Vudu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play.

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