Quick-Thoughts: Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones

“Here’s another thing that’s controversial:” I liked this. Chapelle was funny back then, and he’s still funny now, with his provocative humor and exemplary persona alive and swell. Sure, Sticks & Stones is far, FAR from Chapple’s finest and brightest of shows, but it’s a hunky-dory stand-up performance that weaves in daring political statements—and I crave the heat!

And this should come pretty obvious, without a warning but apparently, it’s not according to the recent media responses about the affair: don’t watch this if you get triggered easily by non-PC humor. Just don’t.

I don’t know fellas, it’s hard for me to get aggravated at another person because of their opinions especially if they’re corroborated keenly and playfully. Hmm, must be my non-conservative and non-liberal, independent, lazy mindset, I suppose. Love your beliefs, folks. Don’t let popular customs sway them.

Verdict: B-

“Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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