Quickie: Universal’s Original 1931 Frankenstein

It’s humorous how a movie that I’ve never seen before can end up becoming such a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Universal Studios was basically a home to me when I was a child, and if you’re not aware of it yet the amusement park has a special attraction referred to as the “Universal Studios Tour.” At one of the stops during this tour, you would come across the set where they filmed James Whale’s Frankenstein and a little snippet of the film would be played on the television screens mounted to the tour tram. Where this clip should have frightened a kid like myself, it solely did the near opposite to me. It rather piqued my curiosity into the world of cinema; a visual outlet in which groups of individuals could fabricate strangely supernatural tales such as Frankenstein.

It’s kind of interesting to watch this classic for the first time considering I grew up with Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. I felt like I was watching a film that wanted to mockingly make everything in Young Frankenstein serious while in reality, Young Frankenstein is a satirical derision of Frankenstein. Thanks, Brooks!

And please bring back cheesy set pieces, Hollywood. Please.

Verdict: B-

“Frankenstein” is now available to stream on Vudu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play.

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