Quickie: Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull (1980)

I feel like Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader are one person. They both understand each other as if they shared the same, ingenious brain. They’re indisputably an unstoppable union.

Raging Bull is officially my all-time favorite sports movie as of now. Considering I’m more of a “people” person vs a “jabs and punches” person—even though the jabs and punches in this movie are INSANE—it would explain why. Martin Scorsese’s black-and-white drama creates paranoid characters like no other tour de force through some of cinema’s sharpest dialogue and acting. Rocky wishes it could be The Bull.

George Carlin is right, ya know? We should all be worshipping Joe Pesci. That dude knows how to get shit done.

Verdict: A+

Martin Scorsese Ranked

“Raging Bull” is now available to stream on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, Netflix, and Cinemax.

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