Quick-Thoughts: Bill Burr Paper Tiger

Yeah, I agree with Bill Burr. American comedians should just perform in foreign countries so they can avoid receiving unnecessary crap for being “inappropriate” or “offensive.” IT’S JUST STAND-UP COMEDY PEOPLE. IT’S JUST A SHOW FULL OF JOKES. J-O-K-E-S. WHY THE FUSS? 

I laughed an unhealthy (AKA, A LARGE) amount of times during Paper Tiger. This is beyond expected though, considering the man, the myth, the legend Bill Burr is the one throwing out all the savage gags. He’s been a favorite of mine in the comedy business for years now, and I can’t lie, he’s still got it.

The special is definitely a tad below average for his standards in my opinion (similar to Chappelle’s special this year), nonetheless. It’s also somewhat bothersome whenever he uses an old, worn-our joke he’s done before in the past, but hey, the show in its entirety is still flippin’ hysterical, and that’s whole-heartedly all that matters.

But Bill, why weren’t you in El Camino, my dude?

Verdict: B- 

“Bill Burr: Paper Tiger” is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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