Quick-Thoughts: Kanye West’s Jesus Is King IMAX Experience

“When he/she said ‘Jesus’ for the 1,457,398th time, I felt that.” 

Shoutout to the lady who brought her whining, giggling toddler to the theater, the dude next to me who couldn’t put his phone down for longer than 20 seconds, and the enlightened audience who clapped rigorously after every song ended. You people all made me feel like I was legitimately in church. LOL. 

Now, guess what? You get to read a review for Jesus Is King from a person who doesn’t think Kanye West is some musical god or artistic prodigy and just believes that he’s an extremely talented man with great ideas and some fine albums. How bout that? 

Disclaimer: I’m also not a very religious person myself. I’m familiar with the Bible and its content, as well as Catholic beliefs, but I myself am not a believer nor am I an atheist. So, keep that in mind before roasting me.

There’s not a whole lot to say about a 30-minute short film that’s just a compilation of some attractively schemed recordings of Kanye’s Sunday Service program. I did absolutely fall head over heels for the way this movie was shot, the lighting, and coloring; it was all remarkable. The gospel music was consistently pretty as well, sure…

However, don’t tell anyone I said this, but it all kind of just sounded like every day, ordinary gospel music and nothing at all special nor crazy commendable. Plus, like church, at times you may find yourself dozing adrift a sleepy, sleepy trance…

So…overall it’s eh stuff, I guess? 

In all seriousness though, I’m still interested in checking out Kanye’s new album. But did y’all really have to charge us $15 each to see this mediocre, non-narrated documentary? Bruh.

Verdict 2.5/5 

“Jesus is King” will be playing in IMAX theaters on October 25, 2019.

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