Quickie: Amadeus (1984)

1/10; nothing like the comics. The movie did not reveal that Mozart was eerily in love with his younger cousin, therefore, this movie is a disaster.

Okay, but disgusting jokes aside, this movie didn’t deserve to get The Princess Bride treatment (even though this came out before The Princess Bride) in terms of how the story was told. However, good golly miss molly if this wasn’t just MARVELOUS!

Amadeus is the fictionalized account of Antonio Salieri’s rivalry with real-life icon Mozart “Amadeus” Wolfgang that illustrates how someone else’s downward spiral and jealousy can completely decay another person’s once victorious life—even though Mozart, in reality, never lived one. All the umm…God…and religious conflict stuff or undertones…were quite neat too.

Tom Hulce’s interpretation of Mozart is electrifying. The enthusiasm and dorkiness that he brought to his performance properly encapsulated the goofy character that Mozart unexpectedly was. I also now know where Bill Skarsgård got his Pennywise laugh from. If you were to just subtract some of the deviously self-indulgent moments from the whiny, narrating douchelord, Antonio Salieri, then Amadeus would make a near ideal epitome of competitive drama.

Lastly, you can’t dare tell me that Tom Hulce doesn’t look like a Walmart Ryan Gosling in this movie!

Verdict: B+

“Amadeus” is now available to stream on Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.

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