My New Thoughts After Rewatching the Two Finest Movies of 2019: Parasite & The Lighthouse


2nd Viewing

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• Can you believe that, at one point, I actually thought that Parasite could possibly be less rewarding on a second viewing? Curse me!

• This is still literally the fastest paced movie I’ve ever seen. Breezy content.

• After people see Parasite, the peach emoji will no longer be seen as a symbol for “getting some cake” *wink wink* but it will, more or less, be a message you send to threaten someone. Thanks, Bong.

• Between this and Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy, Parasite may have the most enthralling climax of ALL-TIME. Korean filmmakers, am I right?

• You know the old saying that “less is more” and “simplicity is complexity?” In response to those phrases, Parasite was like, “NAHHHHHH.”

• I appreciated the twist significantly more on this revisit. It just fits so snug with the themes of this movie.

• Even Alfred Hitchcock would’ve been like, “DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN.”

• I f****** love this movie more than I love my love for movies. YEAH. I KNOW.

• The praise should never stop. In my humble opinion, Parasite is possibly the best thing to happen to cinema in over half a decade. Honestly, a 4.5/5 on Letterboxd is too low. Smh.

Verdict: A+ (duh)

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“Parasite” is now playing in select theaters.

The Lighthouse:

2nd Viewing

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• We’ll have to test the water a few more times, but The Lighthouse might just be the most rewatchable horror movie ever.

• Robert Pattinson delivers his grandest performance yet by a LONG SHOT in this.

The Lighthouse (confirmed for a second time) has some of the best acting and dialogue of ALL-TIME.

• I recently rewatched the Nasty Patty episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Turns out, The Lighthouse is indeed a soft remake.

• The “barking” scene in this movie is possibly the greatest thing my eyes have ever stayed around to witness.

• Robert Eggers is into some…unique…fetishes. I’m not judging, man. You do you.

• Wouldn’t it be so cute if Pattinson and Dafoe won the Oscar together? Awe!

• I will be feeding the seagulls my food from now on every time I go to the beach. Please be nice to us.

• Is there any way I can give this movie a 6/5 on Letterboxd? New update, maybe?

• The ending sequence is the equivalent to a cinematic orgasm—if there ever were one.

• Okay, so I have this utterly insane theory about what actually happened in The Lighthouse, but I’ll wait to explain it once I see it for a 3rd time. 

“If I had a steak…”

Verdict: A+++++++++++++++++++++

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“The Lighthouse” is now playing in theaters.


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