Quickie: Wild at Heart (1990)

This is not how I remembered Raising Arizona.

Wild at Heart is the horniest movie David Lynch has crafted yet. I mean, this is probably how the pitch meeting for it went:

Producers: How much nudity do you want in this movie?

David Lynch: Yes.

Producers: And how many sex scenes do you want to include?

David Lynch: Yes.

Producers: You know, we’re not trying to make porn here? We’re trying to sell this movie to the public.

David Lynch: No.

Thus, Wild at Heart was born. I cherish how weird this movie managed to be regardless of the mawkish storyline it has, but unlike most of Lynch’s filmography, this left me with more to be desired. Still, good s***. 

Verdict: B-

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“Wild at Heart” is now available to buy on Blu-ray.

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