Quick-Thoughts: Chris Stuckmann’s Notes from Melanie

Disclaimer: I must’ve been around 12 years old when I first saw a “Chris Stuckmann” video back during the earlier stages of YouTube’s cheerier and creatively explosive timeline. For me, Mr. Stuckmann has been one of, if not, the main cause for encouraging my knowledge of and interest in film criticism. I honestly don’t know where I would be in the world of cinema without this kickass gentleman—as cheesy as that sounds. So, in that case, I’m only being this harsh out of love for the dude and out of hope for him to become a better director/writer.

Notes from Melanie is unquestionably meant to be a reflection of Chris Stuckmann’s own desires, ambitions, and struggles when it comes to him wanting to make a film that people can appreciate. My issue with the entire project is that its resolutions are predictable, mawkish, and written to sheer exaggeration—from the actors’ performances to the uninspired movie references. I can clearly see where Stuckmann was coming from—truly!—but the movie almost seems like some corny PSA for aggravated filmmaking dreamers.

However, as amateur short films go, this is better than most. Despite me not liking the whole ordeal, I still wish Mr. Stuckmann the best of luck for his filmmaking career. Carry on my sunshine.

Verdict: 2/5

Click Here to Watch the Short Film

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