Star Wars (1977) REVISITED

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Part IV of VIII of My “Skywalker” Binge

Finally. Now, onto the great stuff. 

Believe it or not, there was a time when Star Wars movies could be wildly inventive, vibrant in the characters it created, and humble in its pacing. In 1977, Lucas had invented Star Wars: a movie made out of his sheer, heating passion for filmmaking, the unknown, and the quintessential hero’s journey tale. 

It’s absurd seeing how well the visuals and spectacular scope of the movie have held up. This is an essential example of a project that proves that practical effects will always stand the test of time when compared to computer-generated imagery. The painting-esc landscape shots, handmade set and vehicle models; these elements make Star Wars and Empire look perceptibly richer than any of the other entries in the saga. This is one of those motion pictures along with Empire, again, in which almost every shot could be framed as a beautiful portrait. Aaa, back in the days when many blockbuster filmmakers cared about making the entirety of a movie look memorable. 

John Williams score has had plenty of input by critics and fans alike already—it’s evidently an influential and imposing masterpiece of music. Lucas’s directing in this is surprisingly sharp and inventive. The editing is smooth and elegant and even the audiowork is pretty solid for its time. The costumes and props are cheesy perfection. Star Wars is truly a technical gem that reinforced the fantasy genre ingeniously. 

It’s always such a pleasure to watch this simple yet large-scaled space flick. Somehow, it never gets old, and even though on subsequent viewings, I do notice more and more flaws and gripes with the 42-year-old film, it’s still one of the greatest and easily one of the most important fantasy adventure films ever crafted. There’s just no way that the next entry could possibly be any better…

Verdict: A-

Star Wars Ranked

“Star Wars” is now available to stream on Disney+. 

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