Quick-Thoughts: Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel (1962)

Luis Buñuel Binge Part III of V

Awe, yes. Just my cup of tea. 

Imagine watching a clump of people experience a life-threatening tragedy under what you’d find to be the most hilarious of circumstances. Abhorrent, right? Thus, you have The Exterminating Angel—an account of a group of wealthy party guests who become illogically trapped in a room together. 

Luis Buñuel challenges what we know as calamity and what we perceive as vice from a bystander’s setting, exposing our comatose demon horns from inside, setting our inner unethical laughter free, and imploring the cinematic rules that never existed during the time of its release as we endure supernatural inability. This is movie surrealism during one of its earliest stages and arguably at its GREATEST PERIOD! 

You cannot die without at least watching this film once—that’s why I’m cautiously avoiding saying so much about The Exterminating Angel because it could possibly give away a great deal for first-time viewers. I beg of you. David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, Charlie Kaufman, and most recently Robert Eggers would be NOTHING without this victory lap of filmmaking! 

Wow, this movie has made me so happy. Cheers to cinema peaking! 

Verdict: A+ 

All-Time Favorites, Surrealism’s Inception (Ranked List) 

“The Exterminating Angel” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and The Criterion Channel.

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