Quick-Thoughts: Luis Buñuel’s Belle de Jour (1967)

Luis Buñuel Binge Part IV of V

One thing is for certain in the midst of this, howbeit, Buñuel isn’t afraid to completely change up his style. Source: The Young and the Damned, Viridiana, The Exterminating Angel, and Belle de Jour are practically NOTHING alike. Dope… 

A tad repetitive Luis Buñuel’s Belle de Jour is, unfortunately. As written: our main character Séverine experiences some new oddball thing with a horny client and then has surreal premonitions of her husband resenting her for being a cheater—this is the regularly recycled formula that’s wearisomely prominent in Belle de Jour. Coming from a director known for being tastefully unpredictable, Belle de Jour isn’t strenuous to leisurely map out miles before you even finish the movie. I did, nonetheless, dreadfully relish the idiosyncratic perspective that this movie so unapologetically offers—giving normies and naysayers an insight into a woman who may not exactly desire the strictly monogamous commitments that a model society expects from her.  

With that being said, cheating is still a no-no. If you want to cheat, break up with your spouse. Or, do a mutual cheat? I don’t know, commit something that won’t hurt the other person in the relationship; get creative!

Verdict: B-

Surrealism’s Inception (Ranked List) 

“Belle de Jour” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and The Criterion Channel.

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