Quick-Thoughts: Pixar’s Onward

One day, one day I’ll go to a screening for a Pixar movie and not have a full-grown adult shout out the occurring plot on screen as if none of us in the audience knew what was going on. One day.

It’s always a pleasure to watch with the whole family a children’s movie founded on the ideas of society’s industrialization in mechanizing our once diligent duties in substitution of our work and creativity, the truth about powerful citizens who want to marginalize our significantly consequential history as a way to demean others and foster egocentric businesses, and the indefensible oblivion many have in not realizing the paternal power older siblings can have when one of your parents is dead. 

Semi-dark gags aside, Onward is genuinely the best Pixar movie I’ve seen since Coco, all though, I don’t know how much that’s saying—it’s really up to you to decide, or, dare to read my Toy Story 4 review! As an older brother myself, however, it admittedly struck a chord with me. Thumbs up!

Verdict: B-

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“Onward” will be playing in theaters on March 6th.

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