Quick-Thoughts: Stanley Kubrick’s Killer’s Kiss (1955)

Stanley Kubrick’s second motion picture resembles a lifelessly tied-up compilation of drawn-out, baseless sequences that almost emerge as stock-footage. The elongated narrations furthermore exemplify a weak-spot in the film’s storytelling. The movie is only an hour as well, so this, in no manner, benefits Killer’s Kiss from feeling any less of a feature-length. The screenplay for this film is additionally, quite the crack. Glad Kubrick took it upon himself to start writing his own movies from here on out.

Everybody has to start somewhere though, nevertheless, and gradual improvement is one of the most admirable traits that several people—especially legends—possess. Love ya, Kub-eee! 

Killer’s Kiss is more late-Kubrick-esc than The Killing and Dr. Strangelove surprisingly, though. Hmm. 

Verdict: C-

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“The Killing” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

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