Quick-Thoughts: Dario Argento’s Deep Red (1975)

Dario Argento Binge Part II of III, Review of Deep Red (U.S. Version) 

Dario Argento’s directing in Deep Red is adroit as F***. The camera moves like a ghost in this flick; it sweeps in directions your mind couldn’t even think of, covering tons of eye-catching architecture, objects, and scenarios that are exhibited as specific motifs to the movie’s objective. The use of color, over-staging of kills, visual and oral foreshadowing are what one could expect from a horrifically exquisite Argento home-run, as well. 

Goblin. What more can be said? The music is perpetuating and energetic —although, it’s sometimes a little too epic for the not-as-epic movie it’s in. Prog-rock scores such as those from Goblin’s discography simply don’t exist, or at least, exist at the heights of what they’ve accomplished any longer. I’ll be downloading all 36 tracks, thank you very much.

In a nutshell, Deep Red is a simple murder story with partially rushed character development but enough to give you a clutch for their endeavors. There’s a mawkish, obvious mystery reveal too that, at some capacity, works given the thematic topics explored beforehand. The important matter is that Argento’s product results in an eerie and mostly functional crime/horror hybrid.

The most noticeable complaint, nevertheless, is that the dialogue delivery is decidedly rough at times. Hmm… Maybe it’s because Argento let’s all his actors and actresses speak in their own languages while dubbing them in exaggerated American and British accents. This preposterous style is upsetting, you weirdo! 

But once again, great horror picture! 

Verdict: B

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“Deep Red” is now available to stream on Tubi, Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

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