Quick-Thoughts: The Coen Brothers’ Fargo (1996)

3rd Viewing 

You’re a bald-faced liar. We’re not a bank, Jerry. I’m not gonna sit here and debate. Okay, I-I guarantee your money back. Whoa, Daddy. No, I just think I’m just gonna barf! I’m not sure that I agree with you 100% on your police work there. I dunno, just funny lookin’. You’re a smooth smoothie, you know? Big f*****g man, huh? I’m cooperating! You darn tootin’! He’s fleeing the interview! You should see the other guy. For a little bit of money. I just don’t understand it.

We’ve found the reusable “quote” jackpot, ladies and gents. 

Fargo: the essential must-watch example of a masterpiece that debatably gave birth to a genre of scheme-gone-terribly-wrong dark comedies which all still, almost twenty-five years later, have yet to dominate its creator in quality. It’s kind of hard for me to nit-pick a movie that has everything in spik-and-span shape and exemplifies no weaknesses whatsoever. Some of the best scenes in cinema, one of the best motion picture scripts ever, and quite the valuable moral agenda; you betcha

And Steve Buscemi is an underrated god in this movie. Ohhh yeah. 

Verdict: A+ 

The Coen Brothers Ranked, My All-Time Favorites 

“Fargo” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Hulu.

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