Quick-Thoughts: David Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006)

When movies become your reality…

Inland Empire follows a very Lynch-expected story, with a very serendipitous manner of execution. Due to nasty resolution quality, an exaggerated runtime, and an odiously apprehensive template, as pretentious as it sounds, it’s everything you’d anticipate from a David Lynch motion picture and everything you wouldn’t—as goes with expecting the unexpected. As of now, Lynch’s final feature-length seems narratively familiar to his past bestsellers yet, at least, aesthetically isolated in delivery. He’s made his most remorselessly disturbing product yet that will likely sink deep into my dreams forever. 

As David Lynch has said himself though, he was just “experimenting.” Again. So, nothing to see here; carry along. 

But here are my rudimentary theories of Inland Empire’s meaning thus far:

1) The Hollywood industry submits you in unbearable ways.

2) Fiction messes with your grasp on reality or vise versa. 

3) David Lynch is confessing that he killed someone for the 276th time. 

4) This is just an explanation for why Laura Dern decided to audition for Marriage Story—hint: think of the future. 

5) David Lynch is emulating what it’s like to have a broken heart. Aww? 

6) Sexual fantasies/nightmares alter your memory of the past and what happens in the future.

7) This is simply David Lynch summing up his entire career in one movie. 

8) Love conquers all or love is metaphysically BIGGER than even us. (I do believe that this theory could potentially explain what the place “Inland Empire” actually is) 

9) It means nothing; nothing at all. David Lynch is trolling us once more. Yep, nice one buddy. 

Verdict: B+

David Lynch Ranked, The Best Horror Movies Ever

Yes, bug off; I’m 100% counting Inland Empire as a horror movie. Film scared the living hell out of me. 

“Inland Empire” is available to purchase on Blu-ray and DVD in select stores.

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