Quick-Thoughts: Todd Haynes’ Safe (1995)

Wait, this guy directed Carol? What the f***? 

Safe: the cinematic equivalent to a brain massage. An analytical, anti-commercialist detox into the numbness of our reality and the controversy of our existential ignorance. It’s nearly guaranteed to polarize first-time viewers due to its droning mood, but will, for the long haul, be a psychedelic appointment that shall never dissolve. It’s a supposedly tranquil memo that’s subconsciously screaming at us that we are just as likely to be the authors of our diseases as is our environment. 

Jeepers, what a freakishly relatable movie this is, though. Playing unnecessary mental mind-games on one’s self seems to be my forte too. It’s so fascinating that, amidst the AIDs crisis, Haynes’ wanted to instead fabricate a movie focused on the psychological inclination that many individuals can artificially insinuate to express their self-produced discomfort and cures for the world around them. It’s utterly commendable. 

Verdict: A

“Safe” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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