Quick-Thoughts: Some Like It Hot (1959)

I think the biggest joke around here is that this movie showcases how men would have their priorities set on going to inexplicable lengths to sleep with Marilyn Monroe rather than carefully attempting to avoid being assassinated by the mob. Well, I guess it’s not really a joke. More like a melancholy reality?

Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot: a narrative with one of slapstick’s juiciest storylines in the Hollywood scene. Two musicians witness an execution by the mob and must flee with an all-girls jazz band to hide their true identities. It’s also assuring to mention that there are difficult technicalities that are accomplished in this classic preposterously for a 1950s feature-length, like the opening car chase sequence. More noticeably, howbeit, this is a hell of a comedy! A laughing-stock of sly satirical situations that will rile up just about any type of crowd. It certainly helps the movie’s likability, nonetheless, when we get down to the fact that Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon pull off miracles playing the two main leads who’re disguised as the faulty women. 

I’ve heard constant word from peers and media alike that Marilyn Monroe is a lousy actress. Furthermore, I myself have never understood the excitement when it came to the famous sex-icon. Even now in the 21st century, you still sort of grow-up knowing that Monroe is widely considered the epitome of beauty from the media and some occasional trips to Las Vegas. Now, however, finally seeing her physically act out a character on the TV screen, I can get behind her 1950s-type appeal. She has this sensually unaware way with words, some dreamy, precise face gestures, an unexplainably lull voice, and other assets that’d make the common lad go cuckoo. And you know what? I thought she did a beyond glorious job playing the classy yet dumb stereotypical blonde. She ain’t bad at all! 

At a fault, however, there is a SWARM of foolishly coincidental plot instances planted in Some Like It Hot—a chunk of them transpiring in the motion picture’s climax. But, for the most part, this was an unusually entertaining movie experience that’s incontestably going to receive numerous rewatches from mwah in the near and far future. 

Verdict: A-

“Some Like It Hot” is now available to stream on YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, Hulu, fuboTV, and The Criterion Channel.

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