Quick-Thoughts: Arkham City (2011)

Arkham City is the most sci-fi-y, fantasy-y Batman property I’ve ever witnessed. This is furthermore the biggest orgy of Batman trademarks (villains, deep lore, etc.) that I’ve ever seen in one entity. It’s a Batman fan’s wet dream come true? 

It’s probably because I sinfully played Arkham Knight before this, but Arkham City didn’t exactly live up to the hype for me. With that being said, I can definitely understand why this game blew many peoples’ minds back in 2011. In my opinion, though, Arkham Knight just vigorously built off of everything that’s so fabulous about this game. 

Verdict: B+

“Arkham City” is now available to play on Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & One, and the PC. 

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