Quick-Thoughts: Playtime (1967)

I was genuinely waiting for the “Geico” logo to appear on screen right before the movie ended. 

Do you remember going into one of those innocent carnival funhouses back when you were a wee child? Now, imagine if these funhouses satirically imitated everyday life with no sense of direction. Well, Playtime is basically the equivalent to the experience of going into one of those, except prolonged to two, numbing hours. 

Sound played a vital role in Playtime. Every little movement is accounted for with descriptive audio and it’s obnoxious, but effective! It gave me a little teaspoon of anxiety and a little teaspoon of clarity. The film was funny as s*** too! It reminded me a decent amount of what Chaplin could’ve made if he was even stranger? Playtime is a tricky movie to discuss in words, indeed. I’d reckon it’s another one of those motion pictures that you have to see for yourself to believe. So, stop reading this review. Go watch.

Verdict: A-

“Playtime” is now available to stream on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and The Criterion Channel.

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