Quick-Thoughts: True Detective Season 3 (2019)

The third season of HBO’s heavily acclaimed show True Detective, rationally decides to travel back to the straightforward small-town detective roots of Season 1. This includes but is not limited to reintroducing the method of cutting constantly from past to present, a strict team made of a duo, unsettling cases that feature children, and a more country-side main theme for its opening credits. Some may see it as a misfortune to not explore an atmosphere new to the show but most will likely find it’s less ostentatious vibes that Season 2 controversially delivered to be comforting. 

A couple things worth mentioning would include Mahershala Ali’s dedicated performance as lead detective Wayne Hays, the crisp, green/blue and red/orange cinematography prioritizations, and the simple yet menacing score. It’s the type of high-budget, well-known casted quality that you’d expect from this above-average show at this point. 

My only issues with the show exclusively come with parts of its script and execution. There are a few cliché “detective genre” trademarks that are thrown in gratuitously in the mini-series. It’s additionally more than apparent that the relationship between Wayne and Roland does not even come close to equating the philosophical intrigue or intelligence that Rust and Marty’s did in season 1—yet, then again, it is asking a lot for this show to ever reach the heights of its inception again; at least it’s trying real hard to be spectacular now! And, while the show does have a keenly subversive ending that concluded the show on a thought-provoking note, the final episode did feature a sort of half-assed, information-dump manner of execution.

Despite these complaints, nevertheless, True Detective Season 3 was quite the addictive 8-part special. Besides the complaints I mentioned earlier, this season is pretty close to being a full-blooded, masterful innovation in its genre like its original season. Glad to see that one of HBO’s greatest shows yet is continuing to drift in high-water. 

True Detective Season 3 Math:

1. The Great War and Modern Memory = A

2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye = A-

3. The Big Never = A-

4. The Hour and the Day = A-

5. If You Have Ghosts = A-

6. Hunters in the Dark = B+

7. The Final Country = A

8. Now Am Found = B

Final Verdict: A-

And, this is indeed my first time reviewing a season of True Detective, so if you’re curious on what scores I’d give the first two seasons, well, here they are: 

Season 1 = A+

Season 2 = B+ 

“True Detective” is now available to stream on HBO Now or Amazon Prime.

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