Quick-Thoughts: Fiona Apple’s Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Where do I even start? 

Fetch the Bolt Cutters: by far Fiona Apple’s kookiest musical statement yet and arguably her finest? The vocal/acapella diversity and sound editing in Fiona’s voice is more expansive than ever. The rhythm patterns are so retaliating this time around and they alternate with such a rapid, off-guarding persona. The variation of instrumentals are—similar to each succeeding Fiona Apple project—more unpredictably charted than ever before. It’s so priding how forward and embracive Apple is in this album about her past trauma in unambiguous specifics; it’s abnormally inspiring and persuasive unlike a majority of albums I’ve heard before. This is not to say though that her metaphorical and literary abstractions aren’t also gripping and resourceful in the LP too; they’re just as understanding as her material storytelling. She’s taking insult after insult of what she’s received throughout her extensive stay on Earth and spitting them back out in entirely new meanings that make you rethink the common criticisms of the human individual and whether or not they’re actually still valid from the unique perspective of Ms. Apple. 

If I’m being honest, Fiona Apple’s projects are usually remarkable, and debatably, you could probably use most of the descriptions I’ve just listed above as means to illustrate her past LPs. But in spite of me expecting nothing but the best with this new album of hers, I’m still, believe it or not, shocked by how f***ing incredible Fetch the Bolt Cutters is. About 77% of the songs on this LP I could imagine myself listening to INFINITE amounts of times on their own—and that’s a damn rare compliment coming from me about a singular album. As of now, I can’t see 2020’s musical scene getting any richer than this. 

Track recommendations—brace yourselves, it’s going to be nearly the entire LP: I Want You To Love Me, Shameika, Fetch The Bolt Cutters, Under The Table, Relay, Newspaper, Ladies, Cosmonauts, For Her, and On I Go

Verdict: A- 

“Fetch The Bolt Cutters” is now available to stream on most other musical platforms, as well.

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