Quick-Thoughts: François Truffaut’s Day for Night (1973)

It appears as if all the hard-boiled stress that goes into making a film has been encapsulated into François Truffaut’s level-headed Day for Night. This is one of the greatest fake behind-the-scenes videos for a motion picture that I’ve ever seen—an honest recap of the disagreeing socialization of the unpredictability and tediousness that often occurs during the process of feature-length production. 

More vitally, however, Day for Night seems to be one of the earlier-made motion pictures within a motion picture that clarifies how real-life tragedy can be created within the self-righteous invention of cinema. Classical stories create unfortuitous new stories, which inspire even more hedonistic stories. The cycle of art is quite the conundrum. 

Verdict: B+

A Conflict in the New Wave (Ranked List)

“Day for Night” is now available to stream on Vudu and iTunes.

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