Quick-Thoughts: Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver (2017)

Edgar Wright Marathon Part V of V, 3rd Viewing

Baby’s love for music speaks to my soul. I, too, try my hardest to live life like it’s a music video. Sigh.

Baby Driver is my kind of feel-good movie! A young driver named Baby is pulled into the underground world of crime and begins to walk the line of conflict when he falls in love with a diner waitress right in the middle of his attempts to leave his deviant lifestyle. It’s no doubt that in this feature-length Edgar Wright has matured in reserving his flair rather than blowing it out excessively. When appropriate, the movie uses its eccentric pizzaz to “wow” rather than “vex.”

This is BEYOND Wright’s best showcasing of his directing prowess. Wright’s careful and intricate waltz with the fast-paced situations, slick camera maneuvers, and energizing soundtrack is something to be heavily worshipped, as it shines as clear evidence of just how notably the man has grown as a director. The synchronization of these ingredients graces the theme of this movie and Wright’s thriving credentials. The romance between Baby and Debora isn’t anything supremely fleshed out, but it reaches the right amount of authenticity to get us to care. Plus, Baby, generally speaking, as a character is beautifully realized, with charming character quirks and an accessible background.  

There are more than a few affairs that transpire in the second half’s plot which are UNBELIEVABLY moronic—a testament to Wright’s plot writing which continues to be his weakest estate. Plus, a bit off-topic, but Doc is literally one of the most contradicting side characters in the universe of film. Aside from that, this to me is a pretty prime example of what more Hollywood blockbusters should strive to be. See, this is what action greatness looks like when you go through extensive shot planning! 

However, I swear, I didn’t take off points because Debora physically resembles a psycho high school ex of mine. I mean it… A needed shoutout for Queen’s Brighton Rock made up for it though.

Verdict Change: B+ —> B

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“Baby Driver” is now available to stream on Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

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