11 Interesting Facts That I Learned About Knives Out (2019) From the Behind the Scenes Documentary: Making a Murder (2020)

There really is nothing better in the whole wide world than getting to see Big Daddy Johnson get to work.

Here are 11 interesting facts about Rian Johnson’s Knives Out (Based on information from Making a Murder): 

  • If Danny Boyle was never fired for Bond 25, Daniel Craig wouldn’t have been able to play Detective Benoit Blanc in Knives Out. Woah, I guess something good came out of that movie’s delay! 
  • Rian Johnson wanted to hire actors that he thought the average person wouldn’t typically expect to embody the roles of their particular characters in Knives Out. In other words, he wanted to… subvert… his own expectations with who he got to work with. HA.  
  • It took three whole days to film “the BIG scene” involving Harlan Thrombey and Marta Cabrera. 
  • The interior of the Thrombey mansion was filmed in the actual mansion’s interior, a nearby library (for the mansion’s library), and one stage set (for Harlan’s room). 
  • Rian wanted to shoot Knives Out in 1:85:1 to give it a “classic” look. 
  • Steve Yedlin (the director of photography for Knives Out) and Rian have been making movies together since they were 18/19 years old. 
  • Knives Out is actually the first movie that Rian shot on digital, yet I find it to be effortlessly his richest looking movie. 
  • Due to test screening responses, Rian and his editor Bob Ducsay decided to lower the volume down of the dogs barking in a particular scene because the audience had mentioned that it basically gave away “the killer.”
  • Nathan Johnson’s score for Knives Out was recorded at Abbey Road where, of course, The Beatles recorded a handful of their music.
  • There are actually two different recordings of the devastating scene between Marta and Fran. The first one we see is actually her saying “You…” and the second one we see is her saying “Hugh…” So yes, the movie really did trick us into thinking we initially heard “Hugh” wrong. 
  • Rian Johnson still really loves Star Wars… The amount of times he brings up The Last Jedi in this BTS documentary is GOLDEN. 

“Making a Murder” is now available to watch on the bonus features section of the “Knives Out” UHD + Blu-ray Combo-Pack.

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