Quick-Thoughts: Angst (1983)

It’s wild realizing the grandness a small visual medium such as Angst can communicate when it comes to how a sociopath operates internally. This 79 minute lost gem incorporates the past trauma of the murderous antagonist into the killings that he executes, as if they are one of the same in his eyes. It provokes the audience with a decent perspective of what exactly can originate the heinous behavior in the hearts of criminals. 

The close-up shots of Angst feel almost as if some deviant had attached a “GoPro” camera to a large ring that wrapped around the neck of the main character to give the movie that extra “in your face” vibrance. The sweeping exterior shots, however, are like if Gaspar Noé, a 21st Century Terrence Malick, or even an Evil-Dead-era Sam Raimi were more “shuddery” with how they handled their shootings. Can’t forget about the film’s distinct sound design, synth-wave percussion score, and petrifying special effects, as well. 

Just picture the “wholesomeness” of Buffalo ‘66 being sucked straight out like a smoothie and that sums up Angst pretty well. 

Verdict: B+

“Angst” is now available to stream on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

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