Quick-Thoughts: David Fincher’s The Game (1997)

David Fincher Binge Part I of VII

David Fincher’s The Game is essentially a modern, updated version of Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol but instead of having three ghosts visit the Scrooge-like character, it’s this gimmick of a game that leaches into the life of a financially wealthy egotist. Even though I found the focal themes of Fincher’s rendition to pretty much be on par with what the children’s tale insinuates, despite it being an R-rated feature-length, his execution seems to always be the most absorbing part of his many projects, and that’s no exception in The Game

And yeah, the actual game is overly reliant on some bafflingly unreasonable circumstances that occur in broad daylight that just seem implausible to accomplish considering the unpredictability of its subject (Nicholas) and an open society, plus the gargantuan expenses that would go into making it. Nonetheless, when you try to not think about the movie too diligently, it can be a good time.

Verdict: B-

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“The Game” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Starz.

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