Quick-Thoughts: Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa (2015)

“The first time” you meet that “special someone” in your life is often regarded as “the best time” you meet that “special someone” in your life, no matter how many opportunities the years and years after with one another will give you. Every chance we take trying to recreate those innocent predicaments in which we had felt invigorated by new territory, we end up remembering that like everything in our lives, it’ll wear out eventually. All those voices you once enjoyed to hear, those faces you once yearned to gaze at as it repudiated your loneliness, will always someday begin to feel like one whole voice; a voice just as familiar, boring, and tiresome as your own.

Leave it up to Charlie Kaufman and a new quirky sidekick to direct a non-stop-motion-looking stop-motion movie that exemplifies another “existential crisis mode” experience that only the man, the myth, the legend himself would concoct under painstaking circumstances. Kaufman continues to find comfort in parodying life as a social order of repetition, false kindness, and ultimately a scam that’ll level with us a few increments of refreshment in order to convince one another to keep on shrugging along. Lucky for the audience though, at least those unfortunate moments Kaufman must’ve endured to produce such a cynical output has transpired into a pretty *sigh* fascinating movie. 

Verdict: B+

Either Kaufman or Either Jonze (Ranked List)

“Anomalisa” is now available to stream on Tubi.

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