Quick-Thoughts: Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995)

??? Viewing

Drew Barrymore; lol. 

Val Kilmer Batman is the type of Batman who would ignore millions of citizens getting slaughtered by his enemies so that he can flirt a little with Nicole Kidman. Hey, he’s probably not the only person who would do such a thing in the shoes of Batman…

Every character in Batman Forever is a living punching-bag. Jim Carrey tries too hard, Tommy Lee Jones tries too hard, then Val Kilmer tries too little, and then the special effects team jumps in and tries way way WAY too hard, but all of a sudden the pea-brained directing and writing comes dashing in only to run out of breath at its own immaturity, and wowzers is Robin the biggest brat of them all! Another love interest falls for Batman while coincidentally falling in love with Bruce Wayne, of course. Why are there so many exhausting attempts to be sentimental in this slow, slowww movie too? There are a few memorable scenes—like when Two-Face and Riddler meet—but c’mon; campiness can be done much slicker than this. Example: Batman 1989 and Batman Returns.

The corny set-design is still snazzy, though!

Verdict: D+

“Batman Forever” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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