Quick-Thoughts: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954)

2nd Viewing

Don’t mind me, just casually rewatching Rear Window.

One gloriously Herculean set-piece… oooh, sided with the beautiful colors that are incorporated into the supernatural lighting techniques which spotlight day and night in the most unique manners; 1954? You must be joking me! John Michael Hayes and Cornell Woolrich’s dialogue is just bleeding with personality and inquisitiveness throughout the entire picture. The camerawork! The camerawork! The camerawork! And then there are the quiet, observational sequences (the peeping) to be accounted for too that feature such creative scenarios for the variegating yet topically significant neighbors, as well as the lifelike perspective it grants the audience with. All the little details, all the extra effort, all the morality talk, all the suspicion, and whichever… ahhh, what a movie! 

However, #stopHitchcockfadeouts.

Verdict: A

Alfred Hitchcock Ranked

“Rear Window” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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