Quick-Thoughts: FKA twigs’ Music Video “M3LL155X”

After listening to the eargasmic LP MAGDALENE for the first time, I had to venture into FKA twigs’ earlier work, so I found out that she has an entire self-directed music video dedicated to her EP M3LL155X, so here we are! 

As a major fan of groundbreaking, electronic-fuse solo artists such as the acclaimed Björk, it’s nice to discover a musician like FKA twigs continuing this familiar sound but in a progressive approach that obviously weighs on its influencer’s shoulders while still distinctively being able to audibly seem like something only FKA twigs herself could make, whether it be from her relevant lyrical content or imposing character. Her voice is extraordinarily lush, angelic, and even occasionally ghostly; her production incorporates modern technological advancements in both the pop, hip-hop, and of course, electronic realm with, again, that experimental unpredictability that made other similar artist’s outputs sound so sonically appealing. I love that her music has gained quite the wide appeal, as well, and her visual talents are hopefully something that has helped reinstate this gain in popularity, cause wow is this short film simply powerful and aching with uncut energy. 

Elements worth mentioning from the video can pertain to the editing that successfully wraps itself into the incalculable dottiness yet fidelity of the instrumentals, the unforgettable lineup of costumed characters, disturbing props + visual effects, unique dance choreography, abstract set designs, its sharp taste for colors, and seamless transitions; yeah this is certainly something! 

Why didn’t the song Mothercreep get featured a section though? The circle should’ve been completed! Anyways, check out this EP and accompanying short film; it’s entrancing.

Verdict: 4/5 

Click Here to Watch M3LL155X

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