Quick-Thoughts: Jonathan Glazer’s Sexy Beast (2000)

Wait? You mean to tell me Frank the Bunny starred in this before he did in Donnie Darko? My life is a lie!

Jonathan Glazer delivers such a perverted grace in executing sequences whether it be from the heart-attack editing procedures, shot miscellany, or musical choices, even despite it all being incorporated into a movie as simplistic in story as Sexy Beast. Besides these blessings, the priceless performance by Ben Kingsley and the animated dialogue to accompany him and the few other heavy-accented British characters, nothing here struck me as beyond some mediocre crime thriller with a subverting plot to keep things stimulating. 

My feelings on Sexy Beast are quite similar to The Limey, in that, I respect and furthermore delight in how they both attempt to flip a coin on their given genres with outlandish stylizations, yet outside of these utilities, the films themselves still feel too familiar. Then again, the pros as mentioned in Sexy Beast undoubtedly have me leaning positive for Glazer’s directorial debut.

Verdict: B-

“Sexy Beast” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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