Quick-Thoughts: Jonathan Glazer’s Strasbourg 1518

Jonathan Glazer’s newest short film Strasbourg 1518 is an anxiety protruding ten minutes, I must say. The actual event itself, though, now that… that was exceedingly interesting to research.

Cannot stress how much I adore candid yet schizophrenic dancing choreography, so I may lean with a soft spot for this short film despite it being fairly straightforward. Elements such as the jacket routine presented here are a prime example of this, emulating clear meaning that many may write off as pretentious or pointless. Dancing hits differently fellas. 

The plain, speedy BPM score, the off-color change in lighting per shot, plus the gradual increasing in cuts and performers are all certainly super common traits in media suspense maneuvering, yet they worked well for the short’s imprinting effect, and that’s what mattered most to me. The occasional, subtle voices silently placed throughout that I might go back and try to decode are furthermore neat little additions to the film’s variety.

Glazer must’ve loved Climax, huh? Can he humbly drop a new feature-length now, pretty please? 

Verdict: 3.5/5

Click Here to Watch Strasbourg 1518

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