Quick-Thoughts: Steve McQueen’s Red, White and Blue

The final episode in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series serves as a straightforward biopic regarding real-life citizen Leroy Logan and his awakening journey into becoming a police officer, hoping to bring a domination of true justice to the oppression in London’s law enforcement system. His father who’s had a long, abusive relationship with the police all his life is, however, distressed at the thought of a son betraying his career for something so controversial among the black community. Yet, through both of these characters’ taboo voyage into a necessary change, they reach a wiser consensus: it’s best we sacrifice our pride for something greater, for something that’ll better those around us rather than ourselves. That’s what Leroy’s adversities stand for.

Verdict: B

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“Small Axe” is available to stream November 15, 2020 on Amazon Prime.

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