Quick-Thoughts: The Boys Season 2

Spoilers Warning for Season 1 of The Boys (Not Season 2)

The last-minute ex-machinas and mcguffins have nearly doubled in the second season of The Boys. The excessive dramatic ventures around the middle portion of the season are often platitude, as well. The pacing of the show has also gotten marginally rocky, with a solid beginning, a decent but periodically derivative middle, and a pretty marvelous ending. But, it’s safe to say when the show does get going… it gets f**king going, just as wickedly as it did in Season 1. With some of television’s most unusually advanced characters, continuously relevant social commentary to symbolize our own world’s real-life mascots, and some of the shows most broodingly macabre predicaments/shocks yet, this following narrative to a colorful first season does seem entirely warranted. 

Billy Butcher is finally getting the development that his supposedly heartless persona deserves — especially in Episode 7 which is a GREAT episode, by the way. He’s beginning to parallel himself to the enemies he’s been surrounded by for years now, registering just how f**ked up his own experience growing up was and how similar it is to many of the “supes’” origins. Homelander’s character is once again the gaping highlight of this show; this time he’s adjusting to an “equally fair” relationship for the first time in his life where he’s actually forced to learn how to finally concur a fluid partnering with a member of The Seven, in context, this being the new character Stormfront. More importantly though, we learn about his captive son, who he must also attempt to win over through slightly more humane practices. After being hooked on reminiscing his love for Madelyn Stillwell with Oedipus Complex undertones and what have you, engulfing it all to a pulp, it seems as if the new venture of building bonds is the evolution into Homelander’s maturity as someone ready to leave his past abuse at rest and move into the future with creating a “family” — and an almighty ruling family for that matter. The comedic elements surrounding the Church of the Collective were, on a side note, pretty amusing to explore too.

But, yeah, I can’t wait for Season 3. After this successful follow-up, I have firm confidence that the artists behind the madness will do the right thing in building on The Boys’ dominating story within the superhero genre. Do the math, it’s nearly guaranteed!

The Boys Season 2 Math:

  1. The Big Ride = B+
  2. Proper Preparation and Planning = B+
  3. Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men = A-
  4. Nothing Like it in the World = B
  5. We Gotta Go Now = B
  6. The Bloody Doors Off = B
  7. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker = A-
  8. What I Know = A-

Total Verdict: B+

“The Boys” Season 2 is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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