Quick-Thoughts: Travis Scott’s Music Video “90210”

Listened to Rodeo a couple weeks ago; thought it was pretty great, which is surprising considering my mismatched inklings on ASTROWORLD. 90210 may very well be the best song on that LP; it’s damn near ideal; Kacy Hill, the transitioning, tom-toms, classic piano, artificial guitar-amp bass, adequate autotune implications, the Kanye West and 70s jazz sampling, and the poignancy of its lyricism… ughhh.

Hype Williams compliments this track pretty adequately in the 90210 music video. The set aesthetic of it is arguably more impressive than the actual professionalism of its stop-motion animation or the occasionally dry shot types that shape the short film, but that’s not to downright disregard how wonderful it is in general. The surreal frame censoring, rich color/lighting coordination, clean editing, and again, incredible stop-motion design pieces like the Barbie-doll-esc figurines or the elevating tree model, etc. It’s lit. 

Verdict: 3.5/5

Click Here to Watch 90210

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