Quick-Thoughts: Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

I saw for the first time and puzzlingly appreciated Clive Barker’s original cock-and-balls Hellraiser exactly one year ago from today, so it’s safe to say that I’m not someone who’ll shy away from a movie franchise that appears keen on having its terror to be rather found in the cucking and BDSM-ing department, while the gore, slashers and killing just sits as background noise to the cranium. Horror comes in all shapes and sizes, and the legend of Pinhead just so happens to revolve its fear around some horny dungeon doers kinky fantasy — scary! 

The blood fetish has doubled, the simping continues victoriously, and my opinion on the following feels muddled once more: Hellraiser 2 everybody! — starring a discount Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton. Sure, the snail-paced plot here doesn’t start randomly galloping on caffeine until the halfway mark, but once you get to the labyrinth portion of this sequel, it becomes one SERIOUSLY GNARLY acid trip. Props to the crew; I genuinely couldn’t tell if I was fever-dreaming or watching a movie a good chunk of the time. I guarantee that if I had viewed this baby stoned, it would’ve received a perfect score. But, I won’t give into pleasure — no sir-y! A bafflingly scattershot narrative and a sinfully unorganized structure equates this phenomena to a mid-score! I’ve never seen so much effort be put into an 80s horror movie with this incoherent of a story!

The biggest praise though in which I can hand over to Hellraiser 2: Hellbound is that it’s genuinely weirder than its predecessor and if you’ve read my review of that film before, well, then you know how much that’s saying.

Verdict: B-

“Hellbound: Hellraiser 2” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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