Quick-Thoughts: Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002)

??? Viewing

I was playing Monopoly while watching this so I’m not going to give it a changed rating just to be fair, BUT I would like to say…

I find it funny how the focal point of Peter’s transition into Spider-Man was using it as an outlet for him to finally share his romantic feelings for and to Mary Jane. It was never about revenge, it was never about saving lives, it was always about… the LOVE. Horny boi alert! Now that’s a true sign of teenage priorities!

With that aside, Spider-Man was that individual movie I watched hundreds of times on VHS as a kid, and as much as it brings back good memories, I think it would be naïve of us to insinuate that it hasn’t aged in a couple of significant areas. It’s still decently fun though, and I do fancy some of Sam Raimi’s frisky directing maneuvers that sets the film apart from others of its genre.

Verdict: B-

“Spider-Man” is now available to stream on Starz.

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