Quick-Thoughts: Abbas Kiarostami’s Taste of Cherry (1997)

Abbas Kiarostami Marathon Part V of VI

In each of us, the way we see the world revolves around our head, and the brain offers that flexibility for it to continuously change regardless of the current physical circumstances or set moral understandings that may plague it to sit still to begin with. If it’s so simple for a human being to feel the need to kill him or herself, it’s therefore just as simple for that human being to lose these emotions with the inclusion of new thoughts. We were gifted the power to be diverse in spirit, so why not go through the motions of point A as many times as possible to find out what point B really should be in either our demise or next step in life. 

Taste of Cherry follows a man looking to hire someone who can bury his body after he commits suicide. Through the few candidates he encounters, he endures frightened reactions of repulsion, religious interpretations, contemplative stories of parallel situations, and Lord knows what else; our anti-protagonist at hand must weigh the many arguments for life against his unknown argument for silence, and use them for whatever means us as interpreters may assume he needs them for, means that those who have also experienced the baggage of suicidal thoughts should understand deeper than those who have yet to.

Taste of Cherry is one of the richest films I’ve seen on suicide yet, with some of cinema’s wisest, most multi-opinionated quotes that the subject has to offer. Props to the film for letting us decide what these pros and cons should do to affect our journey ahead.

Verdict: A

A Meditation on the Everyday (Abbas Kiarostami Ranked)

“Taste of Cherry” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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