Quick-Thoughts: Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)

The grandparents in here are actually “couple goals.”

You’re not going to get that much out from watching the rest of Make Way for Tomorrow than what the opening text statement makes at the beginning of the film besides, well, maybe your average melodrama that’s contrived to be an easy-going tear-jerker. It goes over the essential wisdom-tellings on how grandparents are like children in a sense: the human lifespan is evidently a palindrome, where one begins unaware as a youth, becomes aware as an adult, and loses that awareness as an elder. Therefore, it wouldn’t be fair that the responsibility of an elder’s actions should be entirely faulted on their plate due to nature’s calling; grandparents deserve the comfort and care of being loved as a child ironically by that of their own offspring. Anywho, just watching the old folks in Leo McCarey’s picture joyfully reminiscing was enough to consider this a positive experience — they’re so cute together!

Kind of off-topic though to end this review off on, but not casting Maurice Moscovitch as Dracula during this time period was a missed opportunity! That dude totally has the chops for the role! 

Verdict: B-

“Make Way for Tomorrow” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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