Quick-Thoughts: Terrence Malick’s The New World (2005)

Review of The Extended Cut

F**k it. Just hire Terrence Malick to do those live-action Disney remakes now. 

Terrence Malick’s The New World essentially follows the same plot as does its inspiring story Pocahontas. What it doesn’t follow is a shortened length, as the project extends itself to 3-hours for which Malick uses to add excess social commentary and character perspectives to further enrich the classic tale. The director uses the Native’s small culture of altruism and simplicity to exemplify it’s overruling in tranquility compared to that of England’s complex society based on currency, hierarchies, and supremacy driven from vanity. It’s no surprise that the trademark romance in the story contrasts love as an entity that can defy even the most traditionalist of people too. The New World is about everything you’d come to expect from Malick and I’m perfectly A-OK with that, even if the foreseen narrative here and taxing runtime is what puts it behind his three previous outputs. 

The time jumping in this though needs serious work. Maybe the theatrical edition does this better? 

Verdict: B

The Tree Hugging Club (Terrence Malick Ranked)

“The New World” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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